Geoportal and RAF aerial photo collection

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13 januari 2011

In 2011, the plans to make the geo-collection accessible took shape. At the beginning of the year, the Library, in collaboration with Alterra, made a design and a plan for the public presentation (website) of the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) World War II aerial photographs. Because of the collection's specific character, the parties involved needed to work closely. For this reason, a researcher from Alterra was posted at the Wageningen UR Library to provide additional information about geo-information. This close collaboration provided a better picture - both for Alterra and for the Library - of the possibilities and specific dissemination characteristics of geo-material in the collection. The synergy and collaboration between the Wageningen UR IT department and the Alterra developers has been strengthened because of this collaboration and has resulted in the plan to integrate the metadata from the RAF portal with the digital library. By the end of 2011, 25% of the aerial photos had been pre-treated for integration with the RAF portal and a concept for the user interface prototype was ready.

The experience acquired in developing the RAF portal has been used to design a plan for a general geo-portal.The design mainly focuses on the following: integration of geo-metadata in the digital library, combining objects (photos, card images, and other objects) into one user interface, and ways of searching for geo-information. The goal of this geo-portal is to make Wageningen UR's geo-material accessible, beginning with Library’s Special Collections. Both the Library and Alterra have been taken steps to structurally collaborate, where possible, in making geo-material accessible.