'Getekend' ('Marked')

This epic, theatrical, play based on historic events, tells the story of a group of friends who, in 1943, must make the most important decision of their lives: as students, will they sign the notorious declaration of loyalty to the occupying powers?

Organised by 100 years WUR

Sun 6 May 2018 until Wed 9 May 2018

Venue Theater Junushoff

In Marked, the friendship, love and loyalty of the Wageningen students are put to the test. Set in the midst of the Second World War, each of the friends must choose: to declare yourself loyal to the enemy and carry on studying, or to refuse and thereby putting your own life in danger.

What would you do?

Marked is based on the powerful book Loyaliteit in Verdrukking (Loyalty under Oppression) by historian Onno Sinke, about students during WWII, and is inspired by interviews with students from that era. Today's students, together with a cast of professional actors known from film and tv, breathe new life into this compelling history during this immersive theatre play. In addition to professional actors, colleagues and students of WUR will also have their chance to shine on stage. Don’t miss it!

Getekend Wageningen Trailer

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