Global Future Farming -Summit


Global Future Farming Summit & Experience Tour

The agricultural sector is facing a huge challenge: to produce more food using fewer resources while reducing any negative effects on society and the environment. The urgency for agricultural production systems to change is at an all-time high, but for the first time in decades, current technological innovations may allow the systems to take a leap in their performance output. During the summit you will be inspired and discover new business opportunities.

Organisator Wageningen Academy & Proagrica

di 5 november 2019

Setup Campus WUR

November 5th
Take the next step, join the Summit

The Summit offers you a day full of international renowned speakers, who will inspire you to take the next step in the Food & Agribusiness. Besides several keynotes the programme also contains an interactive session where participants are challenged to conntect with each other.

November 6th
Get involved, follow the Experience Tour*

A surprising tour in which the latest developments and innovations of Wageningen University & Research will be brought to light, exclusively organized for Global Future Farming attendees the day after the Summit.

*This ticket is not included in the Summit ticket and needs to be purchased seperately, this event takes place on November the 6th 2019.

Target group

This programme is designed for (senior) management in the AgriFood industry. This includes CEO’s, directors, managers and business developers. The summit will host a maximum of 200 persons. The experience tour will host a maximum of 60 persons and can only be booked in combination with the summit. The programme is held in English and participants are expected to have full English proficiency.

Results for you

  • Broaden your mindset to tackle and cope with the future challenges
  • Get to know and experience tomorrow’s technologies
  • Take a look behind the scenes at WUR during the experience tour
  • Grow your network and connect with industry leaders

A good platform to connect and interact with (Inter)national agribusiness professionals.
Participant 2017 edition
The speakers delivered interesting new ideas and approaches on what research and industry is doing in this arena.
Participant 2018 edition