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Graphics Guide GenStat for Windows Edition 15

The official documentation on the graphical display with GenStat can be found in:
  • Chapter 3 of the Guide, Introduction to GenStat for Windows (15th Edition), pages 55-62,
  • Chapter 6 of the Syntax and Data Management Guide, pages 301-382,   
  • Reference Manual Part 1: Summary, pages 17-19.   

Furthermore, there is a lot of information in the Help pages. For instance, there is a table of colours with pre-defined names which can be found in the Help Search with “Graphics Colours”. Also the description of the PRINT directive contains information on how to use typesetting commands in strings to represent Greek and mathematical symbols.

The aim of this guide is to bring all this information together and to illustrate the graphical possibilities of GenStat by means of a wide variety of example programs.

For non-experienced users of GenStat the Graphics Wizard in Chapter 2 is very useful, but knowledge of the command language is a great help to produce more complicated graphs.

Most of the guide is about high-resolution graphics. Plots can be also saved in files using standard formats that are suitable for plotters or laser printers or for importing into wordprocessed documents.