Groen Kennisnet App. Foto: Bobby de Vos


Groen Kennisnet in your back pocket

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26 augustus 2013

An App has been created for iOS that gives access to news, files and videos from Groen Kennisnet (Green Knowledge Net) always and everywhere.

The App also includes Groen Kennisnet’s super search engine with handy filters. With the search engine, you can find knowledge-intensive articles from 60 professional journals in research, education and other green resources.

This fall the Android version of the App is expected to be released. Go to the iOS Appstore and install this handy App.

Groen Kennisnet is a collaboration of green education from VMBO to university education. Wageningen UR Library collects professional information about food and green for Groen Kennisnet. This information is used in education but also in collaborations between education and the private sector such as in Greenports and Centra voor Innovatief Vakmanschap. Other communities such as VarkensNET are also supported with information from Groen Kennisnet.

Foto: Groen Kennisnet App. Bron: Bobby de Vos