Help with important choice for the best covering material

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15 oktober 2013

Growers who are building or modernising greenhouses or tunnels have to make an important choice for the best covering material such as glass, plastic film, plastic sheets, nets or screens. How much light and heat comes into the greenhouse is crucial to the economic benefit. Crop yield, product quality and energy consumption are largely determined by the quantity and quality of the light that reaches the crop.

Scientists at Wageningen UR are able to support you with independent research so you can show growers the value of your different types of glass, plastic films, screens and nets.

Wageningen UR LightLab – optical measurements and plant physiologists

Wageningen UR can measure all the main characteristics of your commercial greenhouse covering materials and prototypes, and determine their effects on crops. Our specialised light laboratory contains the very latest equipment, allowing us to supply you with all the relevant material characteristics in accordance with national (NEN) and international (EN) standards within a short timeframe.

Our plant physiologists and climate experts can translate data into practical consequences for greenhouse climate, energy consumption and crop growth. This is precisely the sort of information that will convince growers to buy your products.

Various measurements

In our specialised light laboratory we can determine the following characteristics of greenhouse covering materials such as glass, plastic film, plastic sheets, screens and nets (among other things):

  • Perpendicular transmittance
  • Angular transmittance
  • Hemispherical transmittance
  • Spectral transmittance
  • Haze factor
  • Light diffusion (3D-haze)
  • Ultraviolet transmittance (UV)
  • Photosynthetic active radiation transmittance (PAR)
  • Near infrared transmittance (NIR)
  • Thermal transmittance and emission (IR)
  • Solar transmittance
  • Contact angle measurements for condensation on a material

Would you like to benefit from convincing data and physiological analysis? You can contact us through: Vida Mohammadkhani