High Seas areas closed to bottom fisheries

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High Seas areas closed to bottom fisheries

Wageningen Marine Research has prepared an overview in Google Earth of High Seas areas that are closed to bottom fisheries.

A number of high seas areas are now closed to bottom fisheries, in order to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems such as cold water corals and sponges (see UNGA resolution 61/105). The areas are closed by Regional Fishery Management Organizations (RFMOs), in accordance with the United Nations General Assembly resolution 61/105.

The file with an overview of High Seas bottom fisheries closures shows the following information:

  • All areas closed to bottom fisheries on the high seas
  • Time animations of these areas (use the time slider)
  • Regulatory areas of the RFMOs (for filled areas: use the tick box)
  • Information per protected area (click on the icon or in the list to open the balloon)
  • A factsheet per area (click in the balloon), including coordinates and size (km2)