How to apply as an exchange student?

Great that you’ve made your choice for one of our programmes and want to apply! 

Before you apply it is necessary to prepare yourself carefully using the information below.

Firstly your home university needs to nominate you by sending an e-mail to application studentexchange.

To make a planning you should use the study Handbook and the scheduling of courses. Discuss with your own tutor or study advisor in your home university which course units would be relevant and recognized as a contribution to your own degree programme.

Take a look at study Handbook for 2019-2020 to select courses. Courses are grouped by programme, by department and by period. We prefer you to select courses from one study programme as much as possible so that you will get a coherent selection of the courses.

More information about how to select courses can be found here.

You may contact the exchange coordinator of Wageningen University of your proposed field of study to discuss your selection of courses. Please, contact only one of them. Let your choice depend on your main subject of study.

This coordinator will be your contact in Wageningen. If he or she thinks it is better to forward your application to one of the other coordinators, this will be done automatically and – of course - you will be informed.

If you are nominated on time: you will receive an invitation to use our online application method.

Your application

After, we have received your nomination by your home university we will inform the nominated students about the application procedures.

Our deadlines for 1st semester (starts in September):

Nomination deadline: 15th of April

Application deadline: 1st of May

Our deadlines for 2nd semester (starts in February):

Nomination deadline: 1st of October

Application deadline: 15th of October

  • Learning agreement: To be able to register you as an Exchange student at Wageningen University (WU) there must be a signed ‘Learning Agreement’. This agreement must be signed by you (the student) and by your home university coordinator. Your home institution should put an official stamp on it.
  • Transcript of records: Also include a scan of the official signed and duly stamped Transcript of Records (both BSc and, if applicable, MSc) with your application documents. Please write the courses in progress or planned courses, that aren't mentioned on your transcript, on the application document. A student who wants to take BSc subjects should preferably have completed 120 ECTS credits before his/her start in Wageningen. A student who wants to take MSc subjects should have completed at least 150 ECTS credits before he is allowed to start in Wageningen. An explanation of ECTS credits can be found here.
  • Proof of English proficiency: (unless you are a native English speaker or study at a university that teaches fully in English). You need to hand in one of the tests mentioned here (level 1) or a certificate (written in English) from the language centre of your home university stating your level of English (minimum B2). The minimum requirement is English skills at the B2 level, but we recommend you to obtain C1 before your start in Wageningen. Please note that the OLS-result for Erasmus+ students is not accepted. If your home university teaches fully in English, a letter from your home university is sufficient to proof your English level.  

After your application has been submitted you will be contacted by your exchange coordinator regarding your study programme. Note that we receive many applications at the same time. It could take some time before you get feedback. Because of visa regulations, students with a non-EU nationality will be contacted first.

The beginning of June (for period 1 and 2) or November (for the remaining periods) an acceptance letter with further instructions will be sent.

Your designated exchange coordinator in Wageningen will send you registration forms once you have been accepted and admitted as an exchange student.

It is necessary to be enrolled so you can apply for courses and exams and get access to the digital WU environment.