''I chose this programme because I wanted to develop my skills and knowledge related to agricultural extension work.''

At the moment Jorge Chavez-Tafur works as an editor in chief of ILEIA’s magazine “Farming Matters”. This is a quarterly magazine that has 20.000 subscribers all over the world.

I am editor of an international magazine on small-scale farming.


Together with seven other regional editions, this magazine brings together various perspectives on issues related to small-scale farming, and helps practitioners (farmers, extension agents, policy makers) to exchange information.

I am responsible for developing the themes for the upcoming issues, collecting the articles from the contributors, editing them and getting the magazine ready to publish. Besides that, I am also involved in the ILEIA’s documentation programme, supporting the description, the analysis and the exchange of experiences involving small-scale farmers around the world.

My role in the programme is to develop and facilitate training workshops. Finally, I support the communication and co-ordination actions between ILEIA and the other members of our network.

Study programme

After obtaining a BSc degree in Agronomy from the La Moline University in Peru, I shortly worked as an extension officer and then quickly enrolled in the MSc Development and Rural Innovation.

I chose this programme because I wanted to develop my skills and knowledge related to agricultural extension work. I thought the programme was very unique; there was no similar study in my home country.

The knowledge and skills I learned during my studies are the basis of my work. Concepts such as participation, knowledge sharing and co-creation are the essence of my everyday tasks. During my studies I enjoyed the courses and the student life. The group of my classmates was great, fantastic. It was a very intensive and valuable period of my life. When I look back into the past, I think that following the MSc programme Development and Rural Innovation was one of the best experiences in my life.


After my graduation I went back to Peru, where I was involved in the organization of a masters’ programme at my own university, based on a similar idea and to large extent resembling Development and Rural Innovation. The programme still exists and I am regularly invited to lecture there. Some years later, I came back to Wageningen to get my PhD with the department of Agricultural Education. I lived and worked for several years in Peru before coming to work with ILEIA and settling down in the Netherlands for good.