IS Academy Human Security in Fragile States | Summer Update

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31 juli 2013

Now that Summer has fully arrived, we would like to give you a brief Summer Update on the IS Academy Human Security in Fragile States. This update includes several recent developments and outputs that are in the pipeline, including organisational changes, the call for proposals, the video project, the World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, and also the first PhD defences.

Organisational changes

  • Karin Boven, part of the IS Academy for the Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has been appointed Head Development Cooperation at the Dutch Embassy in Kabul. She will be replaced by Karin Wester, at the end of August.
  • As result of a small reorganisation, Thea Hilhorst and her PhD candidates have moved out of Rural Development Studies, and now form the Special Chair Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction (HAR). The IS Academy will be administered from this group, which means that Bart Weijs has also moved. Wendy Ömerköylu continues as admin officer. Our move has only administrative consequences and makes no difference to our involvement and collaborations; though, we do have a new HAR website.

Call for proposals

8 proposals for additional short-term research or events have been selected. This means that extra research will be done on

  • incorporating labour productivity in designing agricultural interventions
  • sexual violence assistance in DRC
  • Somali female entrepreneurs in Nairobi
  • land governance reform as an avenue for local state building.

Extra events include a seminar on hybrid governance at LSE, several feedback meetings in El Salvador, a workshop on north-south business linkages at MFA, and a seminar on labour productivity in agricultural interventions. More information on these researches and events will be made available on our website.

Video project

The IS Academy video project aims to introduce this IS Academy to a wider public, including development practitioners, policy makers, and academics, focusing on the importance of understanding processes of socio-economic recovery in ‘fragile’ spaces. In two short films we will focus on two cases in South Sudan and Northern Uganda. We will follow returnee entrepreneurs in Juba, picturing the challenges of entrepreneurship under ‘fragile’ circumstances, as well as the dilemmas involved for intervening parties. The Ugandan case will seek to capture the processes and dilemmas involved in a food security intervention in a complex, fast-changing environment. The bulk of the filming will be done at the end of August and beginning of September.

World Conference on Humanitarian Studies in Istanbul

Several IS Academy members have submitted panels for the World Conference on Humanitarian Studies:

You are all warmly invited to submit paper proposals (other panels are listed on the conference website); the deadline for submission is September 1.