Improved access to watering points for pastoralist population

Situated in the municipalities of the three most southern provinces of Angola, GFA Hamburg, CDI and the Veterinary Faculty of Lisbon University conducted this project to establish improved access to water and rangelands along the trekking routes for pastoralist communities.

Official project title: Melhoria de Acesso à Àgua e às Pastagens para as Comunidades de Pastores nos Corredores de Transumância (MAAP)

Capacity building of pastoral communities

The EU funded MAAP project aimed at building the capacity of pastoral communities for Community-based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) for enhanced livestock production through

  • Securing better access to water and pasture management along trekking routes;
  • Enhancing access to better quality pasture areas;
  • Water & soil conservation of pasture areas around water points.

MAAP should have run simultaneously with two other projects (funded by FAO and AusAID) but the latter two suffered such delays, that MAAP concluded its activities before those other two got started.

Focus areas of concern

  • Rehabilitation and sustainable management of water points and pastures building CBNRM capacity;
  • Upgrading skills in veterinary health care, rangeland assessment, GIS mapping of trekking routes and localisation of water points for local land use planning;
  • Participatory planning, monitoring & evaluation;
  • Pilot study zoo-noses epidemics;
  • Livestock trade, marketing & production practices.

MAAP assisted smallholder livestock producers through measures like promotion of participatory efforts in construction, management and maintenance of water points; training members of rural communities in participatory planning; raising awareness and skills in rangeland management and veterinary health care, training breeders, cattle holders and technicians; upgrading participatory and technical skills of ISV staff; and facilitation of negotiations to secure access to pastures of high production potential.

CDI's technical assistance

The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR provided technical assistance in GIS, anthropology, gender, capacity building, water & rangeland management, epidemiology, monitoring and evaluation, workshop facilitation, and production of training manuals.