Internship colloquium Pytrik Graafstra

OpenDA is an open source environment for calibration of numerical models. By means of a case study of a Sobek model of the Hierdense Beek, the use of OpenDA for calibration of hydrological models is investigated.

Organisator Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management

di 25 februari 2014 10:20 tot 11:20

Locatie Gaia, building number 101
Droevendaalsesteeg 3
6708 PB Wageningen
+31 317 48 16 00
Zaal/kamer Gaia 2

Calibration of a Sobek model of the Hiersense Beek in OpenDA

Supervisors: Paul Torfs, Ruud Hurkmans (HKV)

Extensive calibration and sensitivity analyses of hydrological models is not just limited to scientific circles; it receives a lot of attention in engineering firms as well. When dealing with such problems, a multitude of options is available, such as a large range of available calibration algorithms and objective functions. De availability of these options is dependent on the modelling package used. To standardize the available options across different modelling platforms, model-independent calibration environments have been developed. During this internship, the open source environment OpenDA (Vortech, Deltares) has been assessed on its fitness for calibration of hydrological models at HKV Consultants, and adjustments to OpenDA were made to incorporate its use within HKV’s modelling environment. OpenDA’s possibilities are presented through its application of a Sobek model of the Hierdense Beek.