Luc van Hoof


Luc van Hoof appointed as member Scientific Committee of Ifremer

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12 september 2013

Dr Luc van Hoof, manager European Research Development at IMARES Wageningen UR, has been appointed as a member of the Scientific Committee of Ifremer (the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea) with effect from August 2013. This advisory committee convenes twice a year to help determine the course and quality of research at Ifremer.

IMARES considers it a huge honour that Luc van Hoof has been asked to join this committee, which is composed mainly of French members. Van Hoof sees this as an opportunity to strengthen the ties and cooperation between IMARES and Ifremer, thereby enabling the institutes to undertake more joint activities in the future.

The Scientific Committee is positioned close to the President-Managing Director in the organization of Ifremer. This committee is consulted on research programmes and scientific aspects of technological development programmes undertaken by the institute.

It makes recommendations on the development of large equipment of general interest and benefit and managed by the Institute and on the allocation of this equipment in a way to benefit the ensemble of users. The committee also periodically makes an assessment of the results obtained. It meets twice a year. The members of this committee are high-level scientists, who hold positions of responsibility in their own organizations.

Luc van Hoof (MSc fisheries economics 1988, PhD Marine Governance 2010) is employed by the Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies (IMARES) in the Netherlands. He is working at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen UR on Institutional change in Fisheries and Marine Management. Luc van Hoof is member of the board of MARE, Centre for Marine Research, and is Vice-President of EFARO, the European Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Organisation. He was member of both EFARO, MARE, EAFE, the EU Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) and and former president of EAFE, the European Association of Fisheries Economists.