Man and Nature Movie: Walkabout

Studium Generale Movie, Monday September 23

Organisator Studium Generale

ma 23 september 2013 20:30 tot 22:30

Locatie Wilhelminaweg 3a, Wageningen

The relationship between modern man and nature is complex, and often bewildering. We explore that relationship in a series of three movies, with a short introduction and room for discussion afterwards. Admittance free, but the screenings are reserved for people with a WUR-card.

Australia, 1971, 100 min, colour
Directed by Nicolas Rough

A white teenage schoolgirl and her younger brother become stranded in the Australian wilderness. They meet an Aboriginal youth, who is on a ‘walkabout’, and helps them to survive.
This beautiful movie shows us different ways of  relating to nature, and takes us back to a time when the walkabout – alone in nature - still was practiced as a rite of passage.

All screenings take place at Wilhelminaweg 3a. The Wilhelminaweg is a side-road of the Generaal Foulkesweg, not far from the centre of Wageningen.
All movies are English spoken or have English subtitles.