Marijke Kuiper selected as GTAP research fellow

Published on
June 20, 2018

For the next three years, Marijke Kuiper has been selected as a GTAP reserach fellow. She received this honour ‘for outstanding leadership in the development and use of the MAGNET model in the context of many different applications’.

This is a big reward for all our joint hard work. MAGNET is really seen as a key global player and in many ways an example for how to organise modelling work beyond the usual one-man-modelling-show.
Marijke Kuiper

Individuals are awarded the GTAP Research Fellow distinction in recognition of their significant contribution to the development of GTAP through contributions to the GTAP Data Base, to the development of GTAP Models software, for outstanding research using the GTAP Data Base and/or models, or for contributions in advancing the use of GTAP and broadening the GTAP Network.