Marjolein - I like studying here and the possibility they give you to choose your own path and route

I have two bachelor degrees- one is a professional –HBO in Facility Management and the other is an international one- Hospitality Management, obtained in the United Kingdom. But what I missed in my background is the more practical views and the customer perspective of the consumption process.

I like the possibility Wageningen University gives you to choose your own path and route.

We all take for granted the statement that “the Client is King” and so the client is approached individually and we look at what he or she wants instead of considering the offer. Demand is central not the Offer. Yet, nobody actually understands what is really going on in the mind of this client. If we know more about it, then we will also know how to optimize the sales of commodities and customer satisfaction. And Wageningen University is one of the few, which offers this kind of consumer-oriented education and especially my major- Economics of consumers and households.

What’s more, I like studying here and the possibility they give you to choose your own path and route… also to select the profile, to schedule and plan your studies according to your interests. My opinion about the teachers is that they are very well-informed and have a lot of expertise; they are quite accessible and are ready to cooperate and help. The facilities are good; my favourite one is the canteen at Leeuwenborch as I am a fan of their coffee. How I see my professional future… as a start I would like to work for a company which could give me the chance for secondment- to send me temporarily to other companies for fulfilling projects. Afterwards, I could settle down and do consumer market research, but this is mainly my field of interest.

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