Master Class Adriaan Geuze 2014

Organisator Landscape architecture

ma 17 maart 2014 tot vr 9 mei 2014

From the 17th of March till the 9th of May, a Master class Landscape architecture will be given by prof. Adriaan Geuze. The Master class is open to 3rd and 4th year bachelor or master students in landscape architecture, architecture and urban design.  We also invite students from other universities to participate in the Master class. The theme of the master class is:

New village design. Rebuilding Moerdijk. What is a village? What makes a village?

This Master class is an academic design-studio focussing on landscape architecture and village design. Students will be asked to design a realistic implementation within the condition of a splendid historic landscape of the village Moerdijk. This village relocation demands design research on the optimal site in the open polder landscape in relation to the other nearby villages, their facilities and infrastructure. The identity of the village and the implementation within the real physical context will be the main design focus.

This Master class includes: A landscape photography clinic

In the second week students will learn to analyze the Dutch polder landscape from another perspective through a landscape photography clinic. The result of the clinic is a photo collage of the Dutch polder landscape of young marine clay (Dunkerk transgression).

The requirements for application are:

  • A digital file with name and pre-qualifications (CV) or short motivation.
  • One reference of an earlier design.
  • Attach the application requirements in an e-mail to, mentioning ‘Master class P5’ before 14th of March.

The Master class of 9 ECTS is open to 3rd year bachelor or master students in landscape architecture, architecture and urban design. The course language will be English and Dutch, and classes will take place in the afternoon.

More information on master class you can find in the course guide.

Poster_Master class 2013-2014 P5 Moerdijk-kl.jpg