Memory-Making in the Digital Era: Memorialising the FEPOW Story Online

By dr. Hamzah Bin Muzaini - This project examines the nature of remembering the past and commemorating individuals over the Internet, particularly as they compare and contrast with more traditional sites of memory.

Specifically drawing on, an on-line memorial platform and network devoted to honouring the collective memory and individual experiences of Allied soldiers interned by the Japanese in British Malaya and Thailand during the Second World War, known as Far East Prisoners-of-War (or FEPOW), it first discusses web memorials as perceived remedy to shortcomings linked to the more physical locations where the story is also memorialised. It then examines some of the issues besetting such virtual remembrance efforts – in terms of participation, representations of memory and affective affordances – towards arguing that, while these may offer advantages over their non-virtual counterparts, they also reproduce many of the criticisms that have plagued more traditional memorials, thus curbing their potential as preferred memorial practice. Consequently, the research seeks to show how, rather than made duplicitous, online and offline means of remembrance are often capitalised upon complementarily.

Research group:
dr. Hamzah Bin Muzaini (project leader/lead author)

prof. Brenda Yeoh (co-author)