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Model system of a muffin batter

Bakery products like muffins are originally high in fat and sugar. A relatively new technique to reduce fat content in bakery products is to use multiple emulsions. By incorporating small water droplets in oil droplets, the total amount of fat will be decreased. However, making stable multiple emulsions is not that straightforward.

The project intends to create stable multiple emulsions and to gain understanding of its potential use in bakery products by investigating the changes in functionality and stability. Next to the heat stability (the baking process), shear stability (during mixing) of double emulsions is of main importance. The stability can be increased by the addition of different gelling agents that will prevent the double emulsions from collapsing under shear and higher temperatures. To test the stability of the investigated multiple emulsions, a model system will be developed, to mimic the batter of a real muffin in viscosity, salt and sugar concentration. In this model system, we will test the emulsion stability by investigating oil droplet size, water droplet release and rheological properties of the systems.

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Research topics (1 BSc or MSc student)

  • Develop a model system for double emulsions with characteristics close to those of a typical muffin batter
  • Investigate the shear stability of various double emulsion systems with and without gelling agents within this model system under different mixing conditions.


  • Rheology (rheometer)
  • Microscopy (CLSM, light microscopy)
  • Light scattering (mastersizer)
  • Osmometry (Osmometer)
  • Yield measurements (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)