National Sport week

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11 april 2014

National Sports Week, you and your colleagues can spend your lunch break trying a range of different sports at Sports Centre de Bongerd. So get someone onside and sign up for one of the classes together; you might even win free sports privileges for a year!

You may very well have colleagues who’d actually like to get more exercise but find it difficult to take the first step. Give them a push in the right direction by taking them to a trial class during National Sports Week.

Sports Centre de Bongerd is open to all staff during National Sports Week. You can sign up for free trial classes in various sports during your lunch break:

-      in the week of 22 to 25 April.

-      Monday to Friday, 11.30 AM – 13.30 PM.

-     The full programme is available on the registration page.

-      Staff without sports privileges are also welcome.

-      Everyone who takes part has the chance of winning free sports privileges for a year!

So do someone a favour and take them to de Bongerd in the last week of April; they’ve probably earned it after all that hard work ;-)

A few tips:

-      You don’t need special sports clothing for the trial classes. Comfortable (sporty) clothing and clean trainers will do.

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