Nematode in the picture: Carcharolaimus banaticus

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2 januari 2020

Carcharolaimus banaticus Krnjaić & Loof, 1975 was described from the Serbian region Banat. This relatively rare soil inhabiting species (males unknown) has been found so far in Europe (Hungary, Serbia, Spain & The Netherlands) and Asia (India). In the Netherlands this species can be found in coastal dune sand.

The genus Carcharolaimus Thorne, 1939 is characterized by the presence of a short spear (odontostyle), strongly offset lip region and a basket-shaped mouth cavity, provided of with ribs. We assume that it feeds on other soil fauna. Carcharolaimus withstands dehydration very well. It has been found in drifting sand and, after addition of water, it became active. A typical example of a nematode dispersed by wind.