Nematodes from the coast of Zeeland

In 1907, De Man published an article with descriptions and drawings of nematodes which he had observed in previous years along the shore of the Oosterschelde near Veere and Yerseke and one species (E. terricola) from brackish soil on the island of Walcheren.

In the overview of the drawings the name is given as used by De Man, whether it refers to a new genus (n.gen.), a new species (n.sp) and the present name in the right column.

Drawings Present name
Thalassoalaimus tardus Thalassoalaimus tardus (De Man, 1893)
Aegialoalaimus elegans n.gen. n.sp Aegialoalaimus elegans (De Man, 1907)
Monohystera stenosoma n.sp. Eleutherolaimus stenosoma (De Man, 1907)
Terschellingia longicaudata n.sp. Terschellingia longicaudata (De Man, 1907)
Terschellingia filiformis n.sp. Metalinhomoeus filiformis (De Man, 1907)
Oxystoma elongatum Oxystomatina elongata (Bütschli, 1874)
Cobbia trefusiaeformis n.gen. n.sp. Cobbia traefusiaeformis (De Man, 1907)
Anoplostoma viviparum Anoplostoma viviparum (Bastian, 1865)
Sphaerolaimus hirsutus Spaerolaimus hirsutus (Bastian, 1865)
Sabatieria tenuicaudata Sabatieria tenuicaudata (Bastian, 1865)
Sabatieria praedatrix n.sp. Sabatieria praedatrix (De Man, 1907)
Parasabatiera vulgaris n.gen. n.sp. Sabatiera pulchra (G. Schneider, 1906)
Chromadora vivipara n.sp. Metachromadora vivipara (De Man, 1907)
Cyatholaimus elongatus n.sp. Paracanthonchus elongatus (De Man, 1907)
Paralinhomoeus lepturus n.sp. Paralinhomoeus lepturus (De Man, 1907)
Paralinhomoeus attenuatus n.sp. Eleutherolaimus stenosoma (De Man, 1907)
Metalinhomoeus typicus n.gen. n.sp. Metalinhomoeus typicus (De Man, 1907)
Eurystoma terricola n.sp. Eurystoma terricola (De Man, 1907)

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