New: Knowledge base Plant Genetic Resources

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1 januari 2009

In addition to the Kennisbank Zeldzame Landbouwhuisdieren (Knowledge base Farm Animal Genetic Resources), the Wageningen UR Library has developed a second knowledge bank in collaboration with Wageningen UR's Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN): Knowledge base Plant Genetic Resources. This second knowledge bank focuses on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. In the database, you can find selected books, websites, films, brochures and articles from professional and scientific journals. Important developments and new acquisitions are registered on the blog each week: in the menu, click on 'Actueel' (Current). Users can subscribe to receive updates from this blog.

The Knowledge base Plant Genetic Resources is particularly aimed at a wide target group in education: from primary to post-academic education. It's also an excellent source of information for research, industry and associations of private breeders. The database also indicates the level (primary, secondary or higher) that the publication is suited for, which is a unique function. Using 'Uitgebreid zoeken' (expanded search), plant type, subject and level, among other search criteria, can be selected.

(newsletter 7-2009)