New REDD coordinator to be appointed


New REDD coordinator to be appointed

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23 juli 2013

The REDD-network at Wageningen UR is further expanding its activities and is seeking partnership with leading global institutions in the field of REDD+. A new post-doc network coordinator will be appointed soon to guide this.

The Environmental Sciences Group, part of Wageningen University, has funded a proposal for further strengthening the REDD@WUR network. This strategic funding enables the network to appoint a part-time coordinator for two years.

Aim is among others to develop and manifest new partnerships and through these engage in joint research projects. Foreseen partners are the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF-NL) and the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR, part of CGIAR), both important global players in the field of REDD+. With CIFOR, the Wageningen researchers will aim to develop the world's first systematic analysis on the implementation of REDD+. With WWF, the aim is to support REDD+ implementation on the local level and foster the role of developed countries and the private sector in REDD+.

Apart from this, the ESG-funding will enable a more coordinated presentation of REDD+ Research at ESG. Meetings and workshops will be organised, aiming at the generation of new interdisciplinary ideas and projects. A top-level international conference is on the agenda in 2014.