New book: Forest and Nature Governance - A Practice Based Approach


New book: Forest and Nature Governance - A Practice Based Approach

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29 oktober 2012

The Forest and Nature Policy Group of Wageningen University, chaired by Bas Arts, has published a new Springer book on its research program. Born out of extensive field research and intense theoretical debates, this book introduces the practice based approach to forest and nature governance.

In most governance studies, the dominant approach is either rational choice or neo-institutionalism. This book takes another perspective. Departing from ‘practice theory’, and building upon scholars like Giddens, Bourdieu, Schatzki and Callon, it seeks to move beyond established understandings of institutions, actors, and knowledge and critically assesses the performance of people, projects, rules and data in forest management and nature conservation. In doing so, the book not only presents an innovative framework, but  also rich case studies, ethnographies and policy analyses. Examples are participatory forest management in the tropics, REDD+ policy at global level, European water policy, forest certification and the production of biodiversity databases.


In July 2012, the (draft) book was first launched at the Interpretive Policy Analysis (IPA) Conference at Tilburg University, and well received. A second launch will take place June 3, 2013. Then one of the key thinkers of practice theory, Theodore Schatzki, will visit Wageningen. In a seminar of the WASS Graduate School, he will not only give a key note on practice theory and the life sciences, but also comment on FNP’s book and the work of some other Wageningen scholars who build upon practice theory. This seminar will be announced in detail at a later stage, but you can already mark the seminar date in your calendar.

Arts, B.; Behagel, J.; van Bommel, S.; Koning, J. de; Turnhout, E. (Eds.) (2013) Forest and Nature Governance - A Practice Based Approach. World Forests, Vol. 14. Springer Dordrecht, 265 pp.

The book (€ 139,95) is available at or the book shop. You can also reed it on line at SpringerLink.