Press release

New book by Phil Macnaghten: The Making of Responsible Innovation

Published on
July 10, 2020

Phil Macnaghten has published a new and concise book The Making of Responsible Innovation, published by Cambridge University Press, as part of Frank Biermann and Aarti Gupta’s Earth System Governance book series.

Science and technological innovation wield unfathomable power in the shaping of social life and the environment. Yet, the democratic control and shaping of technology remains at best an unfinished project, not least due to dominant paradigms of governance implicitly that have historically delegated the good to market forces. In this book, I explore responsible innovation as an emergent discourse in governing science and society relations. Specifically, I explore the making of responsible innovation through three lens: first, as a way of reconfiguring the concept of responsibility in science governance with far-reaching implications for scientific culture and practice; second, as a way of injecting agency through deliberative methods aimed at anticipating and deliberating upon the kinds of possible worlds that science and technology bring into being; and third, as a framework for governing innovation sensitive to the dynamics of specific technologies and to the particular socio-political context in which innovation develops.

You can download the book **for free** for two weeks only (offer ends 22 July).