New book on global food security for 95th anniversary of Wageningen University

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18 maart 2013

Wageningen University, part of Wageningen UR, presents a new English book on food security as part of the 95th Dies Natalis celebrations. The book, entitled Food for All - Sustainable Nutrition Security, has been published on the initiative of Rector Magnificus Martin Kropff.

This richly illustrated book explores three basic themes related to food security: the availability of sufficient food, access to food and nutritional value. Up until now, the latter aspect has often been often neglected. The themes and examples in the book illustrate the way in which Wageningen UR contributes to solutions for these problems. Rector Martin Kropff explains: ‘Although we currently have enough food in the world, it is not evenly distributed. One billion people are malnourished, one-and-a-half billion people are seriously overweight and two billion people do not get enough basic nutrients, such as proteins, via their food. The book gives examples of how research at Wageningen helps to solve some of these problems.’

Innovation and the concerted action of technological and social-economic breakthroughs invariably form the crux. ‘These are often minor breakthroughs, small steps that remove an obstacle on the path to sufficient healthy food’, says Martin Kropff. But the book also discusses major breakthroughs, such as the part that Wageningen plays in the development of sustainable greenhouse horticulture with biological plague control and using greenhouses as a source of energy.

The book is intended to inspire people from a scientific perspective and highlight Wageningen UR´s role in this process.


Food for All, sustainable nutrition security, editors: Martin Kropff, Johan van Arendonk, Huub Löffler. Wageningen UR, 142 pages, 2013.

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