New in Image Collections: 'Konstboeck' with botanical illustrations

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31 juli 2014

The 'Konstboeck' is a set of botanical illustrations from the Golden Age, collected by Simon Schijnvoet. This masterpiece of Special Collections is now available in Wageningen UR Image Collections.

The book is a collection of 142 botanical illustrations from approx. 1680-1750 by Catharina Lintheimer, Alida Withoos, Pieter Withoos and others. The illustrations were collected by Simon Schijnvoet (1652-1727), an amateur-(garden)designer and art collector. Seven of the most striking gouaches were painted by Alida Withoos, for example a Rosa gallica ‘versicolor’ or French Rose. The major part of the collection, 123 drawings, was made by Catharina Lintheimer. All illustrations are free downloadable via WUR Image Collections.