New pumping station Boskoop named after Theo Aendekerk

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30 oktober 2013

On Friday 1 November the new pumping station 'Th. Aendekerk' at the Wijkdijk in Boskoop will officially be put into action by Theo Aendekerk, after which the station is named, and Hans Schouffoer, board member of the water board Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland. Theo Aendekerk is retired researcher Soil, Water and Fertilisation in tree nursing at Applied Plant Research (PPO).


The name of the new pumping station can be regarded as high appreciation of the research and advisory work of Theo Aendekerk.

The new pumping station has been built for transporting water from the Oude Rijn into the Gouwepolder during periods of prolonged drought. In regular situations water is let in from the Gouwe. During drought, the chloride concentrations in the Oude Rijn are lower than those in de Gouwe.

Land development Boskoop

This pumping station is part of the land (re)development plan Boskoop. The land development committee has contributed to the costs of the pumping station.

The new pumping station will be opened at 15.30 h in Boskoop at the Wijkdijk, near house number 6, and will be concluded with a toast in Proeftuin Holland, Rijneveld 153 in Boskoop.