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New scholarships for Arctic PhDs granted to Wageningen UR

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9 juli 2013

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research has granted PhD scholarships to Wageningen UR to carry out scientific research in the Arctic. A total of twelve proposals was granted within the policy call of the Netherlands Polar Programme. Wageningen UR is involved in four of these proposal.

Photo: Bas Bolman, IMARES

Sea birds

The first proposal focuses on the distribution and forage behaviour of four different species of sea birds. These species include the Arctic Skua, the Long-tailed Skua, the Arctic Tern and the Red-necked Phalarope. This proposal is a cooperation between the Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen and IMARES Wageningen UR.

Biodiversity under the sea ice

The second proposal concentrates on sea ice in both the Arctic as the Antarctic. It investigates the biodiversity of life just under the sea ice, in order to identify relations in (Ant)Arctic food webs and map the consequences of retreating sea ice.This proposal is written by IMARES Wageningen UR.

Climate change

The third proposal is about climate change. With the help of climate data, models and techniques, the research plans to quantify future climate change in the Arctic and the new activities that will occur as a consequence. This proposal is a cooperation between the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and Wageningen University.

Simulation model

The fourth proposal is about research that will elaborate a model that simulates the accumulation of substances in Arctic food chains. Information on chemical substances is currently fragmented among different measurement programmes. This proposal is a collaboration between the Radboud University of Nijmegen and IMARES Wageningen UR.

Current PhD research

Wageningen UR’s Arctic Programme currently employs five Arctic PhD’s, focussing on topics such as governance, resource use, climate predictions and bio-indicators. Wageningen UR welcomes the new candidates for the above mentioned PhDs and is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.