North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment

The North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment (NOSCCA) is an international initiative launched out of the scientific community to compile a comprehensive interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary assessment of the present scientific knowledge about all aspects of past, ongoing and future climate change in the greater North Sea region. Bas Amelung is involved as the lead author on the subchapter on tourism and recreation.



The North Sea and adjacent areas host unique and rich ecosystems, provide numerous services to the human society and mediate important matter fluxes, which have impacts on regional water quality as well as on climate. In turn, the North Sea and bordering terrestrial landmasses experience transformations in response to anthropogenic activities and global change. Managing authorities, industry, scientists and the public demand reliable scenarios of those changes.


The North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment (NOSCCA) will document the scientifi cally legitimate knowledge about past and possible future climate change in the North Sea and adjacent areas for a wide range of themes. It will be a complete climate change assessment from published scientific work with a regional IPCC like evaluation and a broader focus on marine and terrestrial ecology and fluxes of matter. It is an international initiative being proposed by the Institute for Coastal Research of the GKSS Research Centre in Germany.

Expected results

The overall product of NOSCCA is an assessment book to be published by Springer in 2014. This assessment will be similar to an initiative for the Baltic Sea basin known as BACC (Baltic Assessment of Climate Change).