North Sea coastal zone


North Sea nature areas are rich fishing grounds

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16 november 2010

According to the report of the LEI research project Distribution Maps for North Sea Fishing, Dutch fish catches in Natura 2000 areas in the North Sea were worth, on average, an impressive 16 million euros a year in 2006-2008.

The input from catches –including shrimps – in the coastal zone was particularly high (an average of € 8.9 million a year). During this period the richest fishing ground for foreign fisheries in the Dutch part of the continental plate was the Dogger Bank, with an average annual catch worth 2.6 million euros.

The LEI has built up a database of the spatial distribution patterns of the deployment, catches and catch values of Dutch and foreign fisheries in the Dutch part of the North Sea. This database has been used to draw distribution maps and compile estimates of the value of various fisheries in parts of the sea which have been designated as Natura 2000 areas by the Dutch government, namely: Dogger Bank, Klaver Bank, the Frisian Front, the Vlakte van de Raan and the North Sea Coast.

To assess the effects of the management measures in Natura 2000 areas, clear inventories are needed of the dependencies and diversion options of individual entrepreneurs. An international perspective is, of course, essential for the latter.