Olvin van Keeken

Olvin van Keeken works as a researcher fish ecology at IMARES in IJmuiden.

Immediately after graduating, I started a job as a researcher at IMARES.
Olvin van Keeken
I have been working in the Ecology Fish department at IMARES since 2002, after studying Animal Sciences at Wageningen University where I specialised in Fisheries. Part of my graduation project was spent looking into the development of young fish in the floodplains of the River Waal and the growth of American catfish in Oneida Lake, a large lake in the state of New York. Ten months of my programme were spent in the US studying this subject. Immediately after graduating, I started a job as a researcher at IMARES.

I am currently working on various projects, many of which revolve around monitoring the condition of the fish in large state-owned freshwater areas such as Lake IJssel. Some of the monitoring is carried out together with local fishermen, who record their catches for us. We also go out with fishing gears ourselves to build up a picture of for example the fish along the banks of Lake IJssel. Another recent project involves analysing the presence and behaviour of fish using an acoustic camera. This piece of equipment allows us to record fish activity in murky water or even at night around man made structures like pumping stations or mills. It is a great new technique that enables us to observe fish behaviour and make interesting films.  

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