Online learning materials for course Introduction to ESA (ESA20506)

The last months Ingeborg Kluts developed, together with José Potting, online learning material for the second-year bachelor course “Introduction to Environmental Systems Analysis” (IntroESA, ESA20506). The IntroESA course gives a general introduction to Environmental Systems Analysis and focuses on life cycle assessment (LCA) as the main ESA-tool.

Organisator Environmental Systems Analysis

di 10 september 2013 12:30 tot 13:15

Locatie Lumen, building number 100
Droevendaalsesteeg 3a
6708 PB Wageningen
+31 317 481 700
Zaal/kamer 1

The course is mandatory for BMW-students, but because LCA is the most used tool to assess the environmental impact of a supply chains, there is also a broad interest from students from other programs. These students are, however, not always able to follow the IntroESA course because of conflicting scheduling of the mandatory courses in their own program.

The development of online learning material for IntroESA has two aims:

  1. to facilitate students with a distance learning version of the regular IntroESA course that they can take on a self-chosen time; and
  2. to improve the regular IntroESA course given in period 2 by employing online learning material in addition to the lectures.

The IntroESA course consists of lectures, a group project and computer practicals. We focused on the translation of the lectures into interactive online information in the form of quizzes. During this lunch presentation Ingeborg will present the results of the work. In addition, Ingeborg will also discuss how she and José have developed the learning material, the difficulties they have experienced during the development of the online learning material and the opportunities the online learning material provide.