Opening One World Week, Americas & Carribean day

A formal opening, a high energy speech, workshops and dialogue, wine tasting, Mexican food and a Cuba Libre party.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research

do 4 april 2013


by Aalt Dijkhuizen at Forum Podium with live music performed by the band 'Dezaaiertarrak' and simultaneous at Leeuwenborch by Tiny van Boekel also with live music.

  • Organised by: ER&I
  • Time: 12.30-12.45
  • Location: Forum Podium and simultaneous at Leeuwenborch restaurant

Opening Speech by Anil Joshi

Going Beyond the obvious; The world is just around the corner, so unpack your bags. We are continuously surrounded by cultural diversity. We can travel far to experience cultures however, sometimes these experiences are much closer. Wageningen UR is a melting pot of cultural flavours next door to each other. So we can unpack our bags and take it all in. The journey should be fun and enjoyable. We all know it is not just that. Coming closer takes a lot of energy which we may not get back. Or despite efforts to be open-minded, we experience others being closed. The great news is that the journey of inter-culturality can be worthwhile, exhilarating and a lot of FUN! Anil Joshi will share how you can benefit from the world just being around the corner. The benefits are as diverse as cultures themselves. Anil will share his successes and moments of fun. He will not hesitate to share the awkward and painful moments too. Go beyond the obvious and you will get more out of the obvious.His presentation style is energetic, passionate, interactive and fun. Anil's motto: Even when you do nothing, do it with INTENSITY! More information about Anil Joshi.

Workshop Cultural Awareness

Students who like to study in another country will get information about cultural differences and differences in communication styles. Fill your travel bag with interesting information, for a smooth start.

Wine tasting

A presentation about cultural differences between The Dutch and the Portuguese ("Wine bridge between cultures") and wine tasting: different biological wines from the vineyard Albergue do Bonjardim in Portugal. You can buy the wine of your preferences!

Salsa workshop

You get inspired by dance, music and a happy mood; you feel the rhythm of salsa and you learn how to move your hips to music.   

  • Organised by: ISOW
  • Time: 17.00-19.00
  • Location: Building with the clock, G. Foulkesweg 37

Global Guests & World Cafe

Otherwise will inform you about the Global Guest programme, in which international students are invited to give guest lectures at secondary schools in the Netherlands. This is followed by a World Cafe: meet other people and exchange ideas about world themes!

  • Organised by: st. Otherwise
  • Time: 19.00-20.00
  • Location: Building with the clock, G. Foulkesweg 37

Mexican Kitchen

Hola Amigo! Come taste the flavours of Mexico made by students!

Open party, Cuba Libre

Tonight we bring you live salsa band ‘Mogambo’. Drink cocktails from our cocktail bar and dance to the beats of the best SSR-W DJs!

  • Organised by: SSR-W
  • Time: 22.00-...
  • Location: SSR-W, G. Foulkesweg 30
  • Fee: € 2 + WUR-Card
  • For more information check the Facebook event