travelling exhibition ‘Bio-Based’


Opening of the travelling exhibition ‘Bio-Based’

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24 oktober 2013

On Thursday 7 November, the opening of the travelling exhibition ‘Bio-Based’ will take place at experimental farm ’t Kompas in Valthermond. The exhibition, which was compiled by Applied Plant Research (PPO), informs the public about the biobased economy in a fast and exciting way.

Mr A. van der Tuuk, Member of the Provincial Executive of Drenthe, will open the exhibition together with Dr G. Höher, head of the department of renewable raw materials, bioenergy and agricultural and environmental policies of the German Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. The programme begins at 15.00 hours.

The latest technologies

'Bio-Based' is an exhibition in which the public becomes acquainted with the biobased economy in a fast and exciting way. The story of the enormous transition from a petroleum-based world to a green world is told inside a glass sphere, which forms the heart of the exhibition. The sphere is surrounded with displays of biobased raw materials, refining processes, finished products and closed cycles. 'Bio-Based' uses the latest technologies to tell its story in a very contemporary fashion. Visual language is used as much as possible. Furthermore, visitors are guided through the exhibition with mini-movies on their smartphones (a technique known as augmented reality). In about 30 minutes, visitors can form their own ideas about the value of the biobased approach, specifically regarding biopolymers.

Moveable and tailor-made

Experimental farm ’t Kompas is the home base of the travelling exhibition, which is flexible in terms of scale and movability. The target audience of the exhibition consists primarily of consumers who are partly or completely unfamiliar with biomass as a raw material for a range of products. In addition, ‘Bio-Based’ is expected to appeal to secondary school students and business in various sectors.
The exhibition is co-financed under the INTERREG IVA programme Germany-Netherlands by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, the Province of Drenthe and the Lower Saxony State Chancellery.