Peter Smeets presents Metropolitan Food Clusters concept to 3500 listeners at Foro Global Agroalimentario

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10 oktober 2013

On 4 October 2013 Peter Smeets, expert in the area of Metropolitan Food Clusters, presented the MFC concept to some 3500 listeners during the World Agrofood Forum in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

His presentation took place within the framework of the Metropolitan Food Clusters project that has been running since 2011 in Aguascalientes in association with the Dutch Embassy, the Ministry of Agriculture in Aguascalientes (SEDRAE) and the commissioning authority, the Capitalization and Investment Fund for the Rural Sector (FOCIR).

The panel, consisting of Dolf Hoogewoning (Dutch Embassy), Agriculture Minister Jorge A. Narváez Narváez and Peter Smeets, was introduced by Javier Delgado Mendoza, General Director of FOCIR and proponent of the concept in Mexico. The project was received with great interest and is seen as an example for restructuring the agricultural sector throughout the whole of Mexico.