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Policy studies

Wageningen Marine Research performs studies which support policy related processes by providing knowlegde frameworks to underpin policy or detailed assessment of environmental issues.

These studies are performed in order of governmental departments, or industries as e.g. offshore oil and gas industry.

Relevant policies or standards may include: Green paper on a Future Maritime Policy; Marine Strategy Directive; Water Framework Directive; Natura 2000 (including the Birds directive and habitats directive); the Integrated Management Plan for the North Sea 2015; and OSPAR.

Studies included:

  • Providing policy quickscan from the industry‚Äôs perpsecitive:
  • An overview was given of all relevant policies impacting the industries activities. Besides current policies, the developments in policy were judged as well and both were related to activities, as well the environmental impacts related to the industry.
  • Detailed environmental assessments related to intented new activities
  • Providing knowlegde frameworks in order to underpin policy:
  • How to assess cumulative effects of multiple activities of different kinds of industries; from a govermental perspective
  • How to assess cumulative effects of multiple small activities of one industry
  • Providing ecological assessments and tailor made measures supporting governmental management plans (Management plan Noordzee kustzone)