Postharvest technology and management course, Beijing

Would you like to update your knowledge with the latest application of postharvest technology and management? Check up the newly designed three days programme about advanced post-harvest technology and management. Topics such as CA/ULO, quality control, damage disorders, cold supply chain management are covered in this course. The programme also includes practical experiment and demonstration of industrial application.

Organisator Wageningen Academy, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

vr 29 juni 2018 tot zo 1 juli 2018

Duur 5 days
Setup Andere setup
Prijs € 1.820,00

    Target group

    The course is specially designed for professionals working in the fresh product industry, for instance in the profession of researcher, technical support manager, entrepreneur or consultant. Policy makers or employees from governments are also welcome to join the course.


    After completing the course, you are updated with the latest scientific insights regarding postharvest technology and management. Furthermore, you are able to apply new knowledge to your field of expertise and have the chance to take a professional excursion in West-Europe. This excursion is a great oppportunity to gain new insights, expand your network and generate potential business opportunities.


    You can check the programme here:

    Course leaders

    The course leaders are ir. JA (Jan) Verschoor and ing. FG (Frank) van de Geijn from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.