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PrP antibodies

For research and diagnosis on human and animal tissues Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) supplies mouse monoclonal antibodies that are specific for prion protein PrP.

Prion disease research

The antibodies have been broadly applied in the field of prion diseases and contributed to many scientific papers including on Creutzfeldt‑Jakob disease (CJD), mad cow disease (BSE), scrapie and chronic wasting disease (CWD). They also are being used in prion disease research with animal models like conventional mice, transgenic mice, hamsters and bank voles.

Product overview and prices

From 2013 onwards, we have the most requested PrP specific antibodies commercially available through internet. Please visit the product overview and our selling list for information on properties, applications and prices.

Information sheets per antibody

There are six different antibodies; two of which have the same specificity but are from a different IgG class. In the table below one will be able to download a separate information sheet for each antibody.

Information PrP specific antibodies
mAb epitope specificity (bovine PrP numbering) *
100B3 KRPKP (26-30)
12B2 WGQGG (101-105)
3A2 WGQGG (101-105)
9A2 WNK (110-112)
6C2 HVAGAAAA (122-129)
94B4 HTVTTTTK (198-205)

*) Six octa‑repeat numbering according to Goldmann et al., J Gen Virol. 1991. Vol72:201-204. In other animal species there usually occur only five octa-repeats, while also single amino acid insertions and deletions might occur.