Preparatory study 'Mushroom farm of the future'

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16 oktober 2013

The project 'Mushroom farm of the future' is a step towards a new design of growing in the future.

The preparatory study aims to create amongst a cross section of stakeholders a shared vision of the future of mushroom farming. Based on field interviews and analyses of current literature, 5 promising and appealing scenarios are created, which are the following:

Scenario 1: “automation gives mushroom entrepreneurs room to breathe”

Automation is often used to lower the cost price of the end-product. In this scenario automation is used to add value. Automation on Dutch mushroom farms should increase their technological advantage to foreign competitors. Automation binds the market to the farm creating a one stop shop for retailers. Furthermore it frees time to enable the grower to create new products and develop new markets.

Scenario 2: “the flexible mushroom network”

In this scenario the mushroom farm creates a mushroom experience. Farmers, organized in a continuously adapting network, offer new products during the year. By maximizing the enormous potential that mushrooms have to offer in endless varieties. Consumers are regularly seduced to try something new in every season.

Scenario 3: “grow mushrooms for their specific content”

The mushroom farm grows mushrooms for their specific content of increased vitamins and minerals to feed specific clients like elderly people.

Scenario 4: “Pharma-funghi”

The mushroom farm creates therapeutic proteins for the pharmaceutical industry by using the unique properties of mushrooms to glycosylate proteins that mimic the mammal glycosylation process.

Scenario 5: “the bio-based economy”

Mushrooms and especially mycelium are able to convert lignin into readily available sugars out of organic waste material. This is of interest to producers of bio-energy, cattle feed and the chemical industry.

This project was financed by the Dutch horticultural board no. 14197, C4C holding B.V., BvB Substrates B.V., Ministry of economic affairs and the community of Venlo.