Publication: Genetical Genomics for Evolutionary Studies

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15 maart 2012

Pjotr Prins, Geert Smant and Ritsert Jansen have contributed a chapter to the 'Evolutionary Genomics' book, part of the Humana Press Methods in Molecular Biology series.

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The chapter reviews current research in expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) in segregating populations, and brings together classic evolutionary studies with phylogenetic analysis as a so-called prior, and modern high-throughput genetics, also known as genetical genomics. Through the example of an experimental design a choice for high-throughput platform is discussed, as well as possible analysis methods and scope of results, including the pitfalls of QTL network inference.

In the same book two more chapters were contributed by Pjotr and Geert: one on sharing programming resources between Bio* Projects, and another on scalable computing for evolutionary genomics. The three chapters combined give an interesting overview of the activities of the Nematology department in state-of-the art experimental design, computational analysis, open source software engineering and involvement, and scalable computing for big data.