Queen Máxima learns about origin of cacao beans

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3 september 2013

Her Majesty Queen Máxima visited a display of RIKILT Wageningen UR on September 2nd. Researchers explained her how to recognize the origin of cocoa beans. This royal visit was due on the occasion of the opening of the new education building Orion of Wageningen University

RIKILT researchers spoke to the Queen about how to determine responsible enterprising by analyzing the  product. For example, by analyzing the characteristics of the chocolate substances it is possible to say something about the origin of the cocoa beans.

Chocolate Orion building

Especially for this occasion a chocolatier manufactured a chocolate Orion on scale. This chocolate was analyzed by the researchers and shown by a so-called fingerprint on a screen.


The ingredients of the chocolate determine the shape of the fingerprint and this can then be compared with specimens of chocolate which is produced from cocoa beans from South America, Africa and Asia.

RIKILT display opening Orion 3.jpg