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Quinoa for babies

Quinoa is a nutritious arable product from South America. The protein-rich and gluten-free crop can be grown in many different countries and can serve as the basis for many different foodstuffs, such as meat replacements. A small disadvantage of quinoa is that the seeds contain bitter components that make it less suitable as nutrition for babies and toddlers.

Together with colleagues from France and Chile, researchers at Wageningen UR are currently developing a less bitter version which can be used in baby food. This is how Wageningen UR contributes to quality of life during the International Year of the Quinoa.

Within Wageningen UR we are currently conducting several different quinoa related studies: ranging from developing new variants which can be grown in different environments, or have a higher yield, to developing methods to use the high-quality ingredients from quinoa in different types of foodstuffs.
Jeroen Knol, Business Developer Food & Biobased Research