Radio interview: Cat threatens red-billed tropic bird on Saba

In the Radio programme Vroege Vogels (7 July 2013) an interview with Dolfi Debrot of IMARES Wageningen UR and Michiel Boeken who did research for the Saba Conservation Foundation, about the endangered red-billed tropic bird.

ยป Listen to the interview (in Dutch, Vroege Vogels, 7 July 2013)

There is a large number of seabirds on the Caribbean island of Saba. An important species in the Dutch municipality is the red-billed tropic bird. Research of IMARES and the Saba Conservation Foundation shows that particularly wild cats eat the chicks from the nests. The breeding success of the red-billed tropic bird decreases. According to some, the seabird is even threatened with extinction.

Source: IMARES, Vroege Vogels, Vogelbescherming, Michiel Boeken