Resemeet 9 July

Thursday 9 July we organise a Resemeet in which Lutte and Kirsten will present their thesis results, and Gerwin will present his thesis proposal

Organised by Animal Production Systems

Thu 9 July 2020 10:30

Venue Zodiac, gebouwnummer 122
De Elst 1
6708 WD Wageningen
Room Virtual Classroom


Lutte Thys

Dairy grazing land management and forage feeding practices in the West Amhara cluster, Ethiopia

Supervised by S. Oosting


Kirsten Bruggink

Regenerative and healthy future food systems: analysing submissions to the Food Systems Vision prize

Supervised by E. de Olde


Gerwin van der Stouwe

The influence of feed efficiency on nitrogen in the Annual Nutrient Cycle Assesment

Supervised by S. van der Beek