Revolution and Accommodation. Post-insurgency in El Salvador

This PhD research by Ralph Sprenkels traces the development of El Salvador’s revolutionary movement over the years, with particular emphasis on the two post-war decades.

Dr. Ralph Sprenkels successfully defended his thesis on February 28, 2014.

The study documents how the networks, relationships and political imaginaries forged during the insurgency played a crucial role in shaping up a post-insurgent political arena in this country. Conceptualizing post-insurgency as a social field, the research project offers important new findings concerning different adjustments that take place within an insurgent movement in the transition for war to peace, and how such an accommodation process, with all its contingencies and sensitivities, helps shape different post-war legacies of insurgency.

The research project has taken place within the framework of the IS Academy ‘Human Security in Fragile States’, and has been academically supervised by Prof. Dr. Dirk Kruijt and Dr. Chris van der Borgh at Utrecht University. ICCO has been its main sponsor, with smaller additional contributions by the Centre for Conflict Studies and the Department of Anthropology at Utrecht University.

PhD candidate: Ralph Sprenkels. Promotors: Prof. Dr. Dirk Kruijt and Dr. Chris van der Borgh (Utrecht University)