SImulation of Water management in the Arab Republic of Egypt - River Nile

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SIWARE model package

Development of the SIWARE model package started in Egypt in 1984 as one of the core activities under the "Reuse of Drainage Water Project". Egypt's water resources are almost exclusively limited to the river Nile discharge and reusing drainage water offers a good alternative to increase water use efficiency. Because of the complexity of the irrigation and drainage systems, as well as the interaction at various levels between the systems, only physical modelling provides sufficiently accurate information for evaluating water management scenarios. The "SImulation of Water management in the Arab Republic of Egypt" package offers such an advanced modelling tool.

From 1990 onwards, various water management scenarios have been simulated for the complete Nile Delta. These scenarios are extensively documented in Reuse Report 30 "Analysis of Water Management in the Eastern Nile Delta" (Abdel Gawad et al, 1991) and Reuse Report 50 "Reuse of Drainage Water in The Nile Delta; Monitoring, Modelling and Analysis" (DRI/SC-DLO, 1995).

Some recent SIWARE developments include the coupling of the package to non-steady flow ground water models. Other ongoing activities are directed at implementing database links with nutrient and pesticide models.