Science for policy - Workshop with WWF


Science for policy - Workshop with WWF

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13 juni 2013

How can science contribute to solutions for policy challenges? That was discussed at a workshop hosted by WWF and Wageningen University on measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) of REDD+, last June.

The multi stakeholder participatory workshop called “REDD+ MRV – science solution to policy challenges” was held from 10-12 June 2013 in Zeist, The Netherlands. It was hosted by the WWF Forest and Climate InitiativeWWF Netherlands and the Wageningen University REDD@WUR network. The purpose of this workshop was to assess the status and development of monitoring approaches in light of the evolving REDD+ needs from different actors such as policy makers, national REDD+ experts, local implementers, donors and the private sector. The workshop involved 31 participants from scientific, public and private stakeholders.

Evolving REDD+ monitoring requirements and challenges from each stakeholder’s perspective were shared in presentation and discussion panels among participants. The most important gaps were identified and led to the development of research priorities with focus on better linking local and national REDD+ efforts on five themes namely Monitoring and Measurement, Reporting and Verification, Reference levels, MRV of Safeguards, and Benefit sharing.

The workshop output was a roadmap proposed by the working groups on solving the key requirements specified under the five main themes. Recommendations were made on what to do next, how to approach the issues, when to execute actions, and who to involve in the process. The participants took the commitment to take on the most critical tasks under the leadership of a WWF – WU partnership. This partnership will help to bridge dedicated research, local and national implementation, and the policy and political level that is essential to address the objectives in a comprehensive manner.

A detailed workshop report and executive summary as well as all presentations and workshop documents can be found at