Searching for Green Heritage (Groen Erfgoed)

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9 juli 2013

Renewed database on historic gardens and parks and other green heritage. Free and open to the public.

Groen Erfgoed (Green Heritage) contains literature about historical gardens and parks and about the history of gardening and landscape architecture in the Netherlands. The database is free and open to the public. In Groen Erfgoed, the successor to TuinPad, you can find bibliographical information on journal articles, books, book chapters and reports and, if possible, a link to a digital version of this information.

Groen Erfgoed offers a bibliography for cultural and historical research. The literature can be helpful in conserving, maintaining and developing green monuments in the Netherlands. The database has been created and is maintained by Special Collections, and is based upon and uses the collection of the Wageningen UR Library.

In addition to Groen Erfgoed, Special Collections offers the database TUiN, which contains the oeuvre of the most important Dutch garden and landscape architects (1570 to the 20th century), including garden designs and supplementary information.